A path that inv…

A path that involves living life on your own terms,
according to your deepest values and highest ideals.
Its a path that involves living with a wide open heart and a well developed mind.
Its a path that’s all about defending your fears and the things that keep you small so you can let your bigness shine more better.


When you meet a…

When you meet a star, do not feel small.
Remember the star shines in the retina of our eyes and the star lives in our heart. The star measures his success by the attention you give him, without your attention the star has no value.

If you have’t got this yet, then just know this to be true; you may not yet be a star but you certainly are the light that shines through every star !!

We cannot chang…

We cannot change our past.
We cannot change the thing which is sure to happen.
The only thing we can do is play on the string we have and don’t let the people hold the string of your’s no matter how important they are in your life and that should be your ATTITUDE !!!

Untrodden Path


This post is quite inspired from the poem “The road not taken” by Robert Frost.

We choose the path of least resistance.

We seek easy ceremony used in conferring knighthood.

We like to spend time in gracious fields where everything seems to flow with even or favorable tide.

How easy  is to be one of a crowd, to move and follow the direction they all seem to take. But never tried to choose the untrodden path, on walking on that make you above and superior from the crowd.

Inspiration can be achieved from anywhere…


Our life which are living or just spending is a lot similar with everything that nature has given us or the things that we have created. In fact you can relate your life with everything you are surrounded with, just try it and you’ll find it so true. But the point the same thing you can choose for your inspiration also.

I was staring  on the clock  which is on my table and i found so many similarities between ME and HIM. His soul is also trapped in that pencil cell which gives its energy to move our soul is also trapped with various needs of life and those needs only let you survive in this mighty world. But suddenly its pencil cell discharged and that clock stopped, neither it can move forward a single point nor backward, it stuck on the same point where its battery discharged and similarly my life is also now stuck on the same point where I stopped filling the needs of my life.

But you know what there’s one difference i can change my battery my self, i can charge my battery my self, i can feed the needs of life but this clock is dependent on me but i don’t have to. You don’t have to be dependent on anyone for anything in life, whether for happiness, for joy, for realization of things, for materialistic things of life. Remember you are on your own don’t owe your life to others, remember ” You came alone in this world and you’ll go alone”, so why to waste our time in searching outer world treasure as the greatest treasures lies with in us find this treasure and you’ll be the richest person by soul, by self.

Thank you my watch for inspiring me and realizing me the things.

Nature & You !!

One day when in early dusk, when the sun besides its dark blanket and get risen from the pillow of mountain then he saw,there is weather of desire in the nature of heart and infinite buds of memory are spreading its odor over the journey of life. 

Unsaid, unheard desire, half in the sleep and half in the rise, when it rubs her eyes then she saw, wave by wave, wind by wind the life is in flow like every time its so new, but the same, yes the same life which in her lap contains LOVE and DESIRE, MEETING and SEPARATION.

 However this is the feeling, time is flowing like stream and saying that there is weather of desire in the nature of heart and infinite buds of memory are spreading its odor over the journey of life.